June 7, 2021: Embracing Inclusion

Inclusion has become an important concept in the workplace. Each one of us is unique and has been shaped by our own culture, personality, gender, religion and other influences. This diversity means you and your colleagues are better representing what the world looks like, your customer base and the end-users of your products or services.

It can also create a wealth of opinions and perspectives that are different from your own. As humans, our natural inclination is to avoid friction but if you can look for the opportunity in those distinctions, you can start to build a very powerful team – one that is healthy, creative and successful.

There are several things you can do to promote inclusion in the workplace, including:

  • Respect Differences. Learning to understand others can help you discover new ways to view things. June’s monthly feature gives helpful advice on having healthy discussions about race.
  • Reach Out to New People. Get out of your comfort zone and intentionally interact with each of your teammates. Invite them to join you during lunch or sit together at meetings. Make a concerted effort to really get to know them – who they are, where they’re from and what their family is like.
  • Make Pronouns Matter. Ask for other employees’ preferred pronouns during initial interactions and then use them. If you unintentionally make an incorrect reference, simply say, “I’m sorry, I meant to say (she/he/them)” and move on with the conversation.
  • Refuse to Participate. When you see that someone is uncomfortable due to how others are treating them, don’t ignore it. You can say, “This conversation isn’t respectful and inclusive. Please stop and let’s move on.” 

Appreciation is an incredible motivator and when each of your colleagues feel valued for their contributions, the entire team will be more satisfied with their jobs.

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