The Role of Diversity Program Officers

Research by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) found companies with diversity programs either had an executive who was solely responsible for the diversity program or ahead of human resources that are charged with recruitment practices and enforcement of diversity initiatives throughout the business.

Some businesses had a diversity program officer and some type of diversity committee intact. If, however, the organization had a diversity officer, that individual worked with either hiring managers of a diversity committee if such a group existed within the company, or the company established a separate Office of Diversity.

The CEO at one telecommunications company appointed a Chief Diversity Officer. At the outset, this executive began a search for a business tool that could be used within the company to foster diversity and inclusion throughout the business. After months of in-depth analysis, his department created a training intervention program designed to help managers understand the value of an inclusive culture and provide them with the tools to promote that culture within their respective teams.

The human resources department at one entertainment business partners with hiring managers to ensure the creation of diverse candidate pools and to select the best candidates for vacant positions. At this company, the Director of Recruiting and Human Resources is essentially the “diversity officer,” and therefore has the responsibility of developing relationships with outside organizations in the company’s industry to attract the broadest range of talented candidates. The director also works closely with the CEO and all the hiring managers to achieve the company’s diversity goals.

One computer-based company appointed a Vice President of Global Workforce Diversity. In this capacity, he works closely with the company’s eight executive-level task forces, the Senior Vice President of Human Resources and its Manager of Work/Life and Women’s Initiatives. On an annual basis, the diversity officer and the human resources manager meet with the co-chairs of all of the task forces to evaluate their groups’ initiatives and activities and to address any concerns their respective task forces may have.

Source: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

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