Developing in-house training

Interested in developing some in-house training? There are several internal training options that may work for your business.

Several of these methods are also low-cost, requiring only staff time and creativity on your part. In return, businesses of all sizes may find these programs lead to enhanced engagement as well as employee skill development.

Here are some low-cost training approaches you can try:

  • Cross-train workers. This involves having employees train one another to do different aspects of related jobs. This provides greater flexibility in assigning tasks and also challenges employees to learn new skills and diversify their tasks. It can also be highly motivating to employees seeking career development, particularly young workers just beginning to establish a career path.
  • Assign mentors. Match new employees with more experienced staff. Mentoring promotes the leadership development of current employees and encourages them to support the productivity and success of new workers. It also increases the satisfaction and retention of new employees, who feel more confident and adapt more quickly in their new workplace.
  • Low-cost community education. Finally, low-cost community education offerings are widely available for very short-term training on topics such as software skills, health and safety, basic legal knowledge and the arts. Contact your local school district office to find your nearest provider.

For help with employee training or other workforce issues, contact your local American Job Center and ask to speak with a Business Services Representative.

Source: DOL:

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