7 Tips For Connecting With Others During A Move Or Deployment

Moving is your chance to start a fresh adventure and connect with a new community. And when your spouse is deployed, making the time to find a social outlet can help relieve stress and build happiness in your new home. Here are seven ways to stay connected with old friends and to make new friends during a move or deployment:

  • Be positive. Even if you are less than thrilled about your new location or unhappy because your spouse is deployed, try to keep a positive attitude. Looking on the bright side of things will help you feel better.
  • Get out of the house. Your comfort zone might be at home, in front of the TV or computer when you feel lonely. Surfing social media does not count as a social outlet. Start simple with things like taking a walk or going to the library to create opportunities to see old friends or make new ones.
  • Go online. A few minutes on the internet can turn up local groups or activities you may be interested in joining. Be sure to check with your family readiness group for activities and groups.
  • Start a new hobby. Take a look at what your local parks and recreation programs have to offer. You can learn a new language or research your heritage. If you have a hobby or interest, there is sure to be a club or group of folks who want to obsess about it together.
  • Find new friends through your kids. Set up play dates with neighbors and kids from school. You can hang out with other parents for some much-needed adult conversation while the kids play. Bonus: You might find friends you trust to watch your kids while you attend kid-free activities.
  • Volunteer. Many local charities and military programs on your installation need your skills and talents. You can serve your community, learn new skills and create lasting friendships along the way. Your installation Military and Family Support Center can advise you on opportunities on the installation and in the local community.
  • Use your installation resources. Your Morale, Welfare and Recreation program provides recreation opportunities, including sports programs, fitness centers, performing arts programs, libraries, tours of local attractions and much more.

Whether you’ve just moved or your spouse has just been deployed, take advantage of the tools and resources available through Military OneSource to master your move. Start exploring your community and make time to be with friends, old and new. Connect with your military community and seize the adventure.

Source: U.S. Department of Defense: www.militaryonesource.mil

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